Arro Protein Solutions, formerly Applied Protein Systems, strives to be the world’s premier provider of novel and custom plant protein composites, extracts, and isolates for industrial applications.

  • Made from rapidly renewable and sustainable plant-based materials

  • Offering products ranging from 50-90% protein

  • Industrial protein products targeted to be beneficial to specific industries

  • Reliably made in our US plant using a proprietary process

  • Backed with in-house technical support to assure superior functionality

  • Deliver cost-effective solutions for our customers

Arro Protein Solutions is a division of Arro Corporation, headquartered in the western suburbs of Chicago.  Arro Corporation operates 775,000 square feet of manufacturing / distribution operations in two Metro-Chicago locations.

Soy-based binders and adhesives
Soy-based carriers / pelletizing agents
Soy-based partial phenol replacements
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