Arro Corporation is:

  • World Class Manufacturing

  • Diverse Capabilities

  • Breakthrough Innovation


Arro is swift, especially in matters of speed-to-market.
In today’s climate when trends take shape daily and
consumer demands change at lightning speed, we know how critical it is for you to get your product innovation on the shelf and in front of customers well ahead of the competition. Arro is committed to our customers' success. We leverage the full strength of our R&D, Product Development, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Distribution expertise to assist our customers in capitalizing on ever-changing opportunities today’s market landscape avails.

Working with Arro Corporation

Our success-proven methods rely on the total integration of our expertise in both our manufacturing operations and quality control departments. These two critical operations result in customer support that delivers personalized and individual attention regardless of the size of our customer. This commitment starts with our initial contact and continues from our expert procurement of the most cost-effective materials to our most efficient production scheduling and techniques, right through to delivery of product. Our knowledge of the latest industry trends and formulation challenges is why leading manufacturers the world over choose Arro as their manufacturing partner.

Arro Protein Solutions, formerly Applied Protein Systems, strives to be the world’s premier provider of novel and custom plant protein composites, extracts, and isolates for industrial applications.

Working with Arro Protein Solutions:

  • 20 acre manufacturing site

  • 225,000 sq ft of manufacturing and warehouse space

  • Automated and continuous process for chemical
    modification of plant based proteins

  • Grinding and sizing capabilities

  • Processing capacity of more than 10K MT/yr

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