Products and Services

We offer a variety of chemically modified soy based binders / adhesives ranging from high performance soy protein isolates to lower cost chemically modified soy composites, soy based composites designed as a carrier and pelletizing agent for water soluble materials (e.g. animal pharmaceutical carrier), soy based composites modified for enhanced cross-linking activity for use as an economical partial phenol replacement in phenol formaldehyde resins, along with toll high volume dry milling services and dry blending and packaging services.

Additionally, our products are a better choice because of our easy handling:

  • higher in density

  • less dusty

  • very flowable

  • easy to mix-in with easy wet-in and make-down

Paperboard Coatings

Enhanced Glueability, Calendar Release, and Structuring Binder

Water-based Inks

Enhanced print quality, longer press runs, easier clean up

Animal Care and Pharmaceuticals

Carrier and pelletizing agent

Fine Paper

Structuring Binder for improved Cost Performance

(Wood binding, Cone and Tube, Wood pellets)

Moisture resistant, “Green” adhesives

Toll Processing

Dry milling, blending and packaging.

ProSoy based coating binders are developed to meet performance parameters identified by the customer through several state of the art and proprietary modification technologies:

  • Molecular structure and size – control of coating rheology

  • Charge Density – control of binder interaction with pigments
    resulting in improved coating application and performance

  • Processing Technologies – state of the art and proprietary

Natural Soy
The soy bean is the basis for many industries: oil, protein, adhesives

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